World's First Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game on Layer-2.

MetaFire unites players in growing ecosystem of web based FPS games, forming a truly decentralized game metaverse.

A Global Network

MetaFire provides an opportunity to join thousands of players around the world, through interconnected P2P game servers, providing a low latency, high performance gaming experience.


Play staked games that reward top players staked tokens, enabling the full Play to Earn experience. Players can play free games without staking and still earn a fair share of the monetization revenue generated through ads.

Multiplayer Peer to Peer

Start local multiplayer games with your friends and invite global players into your game too. Add your game as a county to the ever growing metaverse and get fair share of the staked amount when people visit and play you game.

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Powering the MetaFire

Three major elements that enable the global multiplayer game network

Layer 2 Blockchain

With over 1.3 billion transactions recorded and very low fees, Layer 2 chains with zkRollups are the most proven scaling solution in web3 and the best way to launch a web3 project for a global audience.


The game is possible thanks to the Unity engine. Unity gives access to a very tightly optimized battle-tested engine, that's been tweaked for years to handle hard-core and demanding games.

P2P Game Server

MetaFire uses peer-to-peer technology such that anyone can setup a game server and host games to receive a fee from the players rewards. Game servers are open-source, public and everyone can take part.

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Gathering community into the protocol

Join communtiy to get a hands on experience of the MetaFire. MetaFire V1 beta will be available for beta testing and active users will receive valuable airdrops before token launch. Airdrops are crucial to ensure that community has access to utility tokens that are used to play Staked Games.

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